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PT Sabindo Duta Persada working in various sectors, General Trading, Industrial Engineering Consultants, Industrial Machinery Industry, and Information Technology. Seeing a big opportunity in business competition, PT Sabindo Duta Persada has prepared a team of experts to produce quality products and excellent service. We are committed to meet customer satisfaction by providing services the needs of consumers in quality, time and optimal satisfaction.

We will be a world class company that is flourishing, superior, and reliable. Companies which produce products of superior technology, develop cooperation and mutually beneficial business partnerships, and promoting professionalism and cooperation of a solid team in producing a quality service.

With our experience, we offer a partnership which would bring benefits to us. Your company's industrial needs will be fulfilled if there is an agreement among us who truly mutually beneficial without compromising work professionalism and reliability of product. You entrust to us, we will give the best for you. Read More...

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Through experts teams, PT Sabindo Duta Persada provides services to meet the various needs of procurement and trading services for companies, give solutions and facilitate the community in an effort to pioneer or promote various types of industrial enterprises, provide software development services both desktop, web, mobile and multimedia applications and IT Support. Read More...



Industrial Engineering & Business Consultant

  1. Metrology Laboratory Development PTDI
  2. Quality System Development PTDI
  3. FS, Air Cargo Services Business Opportunities in Indonesia, PT. GPI, Jakarta